"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"

Companion Guide to Mixed Marriage in Ireland

NIMMA have produced a companion for those involved in or about to be involved in a mixed marriage. It has proved to be a useful resource to many, offering options perhaps not yet considered. It is available by contacting us at the following address. NIMMA is a registered charity and therefore a small charge of £3.00 is made to cover costs.

In a survey of couples who have received the booklet over the past five years, 90% indicatged that they found it "extermely helpful". The vast majority of those surveyed expressed their gratitude to NIMMA for “being there” during difficult times. Several returns said that NIMMA had "opened up" options theat they hadn't thought of, while others stressed the importance of the face to face contact with NIMMA members during visits to the Belfast office.

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The Guide to Mixed Marrige in Ireland was launched at Stormount Buildings in Belfast, home of the Northern Ireland Assembly. The publication attracted cross-party support.

launch at stormount

NIMMA provide leaflets on our activities, on mixed marriage and on baptism whic h are available to download.

Other publications include the remarkable story of couples who share their experiences in an iopen and honest manner. "Mixed Emotions" is availabe thoough our office.

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NIMMA provides a general enquiry service on aspects of mixed marriage in Northern Ireland. You can contact us at our Office by phoning us on (028) 9023 5444, faxing us on (028) 9043 4544 and e-mailing us at:info@nimma.org.uk. The office is normaly open from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Monday to Thursdays. An answering machine service operates at all other times. You can write to us at:

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About the Guide

This companion starts with an outline of the historical background to mixed marriage. This sets the scene for an exploration of the issues arising for those thinking about committing to a mixed marriage.This includes insight into the teachings of the main churches in Ireland about marriage. This chapter ends with a consideration of the attitudes of parents and relatives.

The next chapter gives useful information on permission to marry and the promise as well as on the where and how of getting married.The companion also covers important issues for when you are married, including going to church and the views of churches on eucharistic sharing.

Further information

The companion also provides helpful information on bringing up children within a mixed marriage, covering the first religous event of baptism children at church and schooling.

Mixed marriages are normal and religous diferences do not dominate married life. Indeed couples have found the mix a help rather than a hindrance to their religous development and find that sharing in the rich spiritual tradition of two churches greatly enhance their lives and the lives of their children.

For couples considering or about to embark on a mixed marriage, you will find "Mixed Marriage in Ireland" informs you of church guidelines and outlines practical issues to be discussed jointly with priests and ministers of both denominations. A range of useful addresses is also provided.