"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"

NIMMA news index

NIMMA News is published at leasts quarterly and can be sent to you direct by email. If you would like to receive any further information on any of the topics raised, please contact NIMMA.

Nimma News 2020

The May 2020 newsletter shows how NIMMA will continue with business as usual as an online organisation.

Nimma News 2019

The December 2019 newsletter features NIMMA's funding crisis, dutch interest in a NIMMA couple and, of course, features the much anticipated Christmas story from our renowned editor Paul McLaughlin.

The October 2019 newsletter provides a summary update on much of the recent work of NIMMA and focuses on the funding crisis which threatens to impact on our services when there is so much more to be done.

The July 2019 newsletter includes an extract from a feature in the Observer newpaper of a NIMMA couple featured in the NIMMA's Mixed Emotions book.

Nimma News 2016

The March 2016 newsletter covers NIMMA's expansion into online funding donations and provides an update on progress towards Charity Commission registration. An interesting feature tells of a monument to a mixed marriage in the Netherlands which connects both Protestant and Catholic sections of a cemetry.

Nimma News 2015

The December 2015 features Pope Francis showing understanding and humanity by not saying ‘No’ to the prospect of changes in intercommunion and the loss of an old and
trusted friend with the death of Redemptorist ecumenist Fr GerryReynolds.

The September 2015 edition covers NIMMA's attendance at the Annual Reconcilliation Networking Forum in Dublin and NIMMA plans for a third book entitled "Exile for Love" focusing on those who left these shores.

The July 2015 edition covers the distribution of "Both Sides Now" to over 400 schools and the story of a couple in a mixed marraige who felt they had no choice but to leave Northern Ireland for South Africa.

The April 2015 edition previews the launch of "Both Sides Now" , the follow up to Mixed Emotions which examines the lives of children in a mixed marriage. It includes a brief piece on each person in the book.

The March 2015 previews the "Both Sides Now" and has a feature on the Association of Interchurch Families.

NImma News 2014

The December 2014 edition focusses on NIMMA's conribution to shared housing and it's role in a new governmental committee progressing shared housing.

The September 2014 edition gives an update on "Both Sides Now" and the involvement of NIMMA in the Stories Network launched at belfast's MAC.

The July 2014 edition announces the 2 year funding for NIMMA from the  Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and covers the involvement of two couples from Mixed emotions in a Theatre of Witness production.

The March 2014 edition of NIMMA News reveals how Big Lottery funding has been secured by NIMMA to provide a follow-up publication to Mixed Emotions. The focus this time is on children of mixed marriages and again they share their personal stories.

NImma News 2013

The December edition of NIMMA News focuses on the Mayoral reception held in recognition of 40 years of public service by NIMMA, comentary on the perilous financial situation for NIMMA by our Chair and a seasonal reminisance by our Development Officer.

The November NIMMA News is a funding special edition. Read about the funding crisis which may force NIMMA to close at arguably it's greatest time of success and the efforts being made to secure core funding.

The September edition wheredition of NIMMA news features the premiere of a plan based on the NIMMA Mixed Emotions publication. The play is part of a drama resource pack being launched in October produced in partnership with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education. Read also an article from the Chair on how mixed marriage is a blueprint for the future, beyond institutionalised sectarianism.

Download our June edition where you can read about how NIMMA is working with NICIE (NI Council for Integrated Eduction) to make as drama based on the experiences recealed in our Mixed emotions publications. The Young Live and Times Survey features shows the views of young people on a shared society.

Download March 2013 issue to read an interview with Anna and Stephen Cairns and Fr Eoin de Baldraithe writes on the history of religion and education in Ireland.

NImma News 2012

Download December 2012 edition featuring praise for NIMMA's work from Harvard acadamic Dr Ofrit Liviatan and a feature on Sharon and Stephen Gault.

Download September 2012 issue outlines plans for a new publication on the children of mixed marriage and newspaper columnist and lobbyist Nick Garbutt tells his story as a child of a
mixed marriage.

Download June 2012 issue for information on NIMMA being selected for the Royal visit and commentary on the findings of the Young Life and Times survey.

Download April 2012 issue to meet the book people of "Mixed Emotions"

NImma News 2011

Download December 2011 preview of "Mixed Emotions".

 Download October 2011  edition why NIMMA News goes exclusively email.

Download May 2011  issue on the sad passing on Fr Michael Hurley and read the keynote speach from the NIMMA conference on the struggle for ‘Double Belonging’ and a real shared future..

Download February 2011 issue which focuses on tackling segregation within housing.



NImma News 2011

Download December 2011 preview of "Mixed Emotions".

Download October 2011  edition why NIMMA News goes exclusively email.

Download May 2011  issue on NIMMA conference on the struggle for ‘Double Belonging’ and a real shared future..

Download February 2011 issue which focuses on tackling segregation within housing.

NImma News 2010

November 2011 feature on McCann case

September 2010  NIMMA is a world wide resource.

June 2010  NIMMA recognised by Minister

April 2010  NIMMA Conference special

February 2010  Survey on "marriage" book.

NImma News 2009

December 2009  Racism grows, sectarianism remains.

October 2009  -Celebrating the work, evaluating the impact.

July 2009 NIMMA report is major milestone.

May 2009  Help line extended by NIMMA

April 2009  NIMMA conference special.

February 2009  NIMMA and the NIHE Shared Housing scheme

Nimma News 2008

December 2008  NIMMA contributes to "One Small Step" campaign.

October 2008  NIMMA appoints Development Officer.