"Supporting couples who are united in love across traditional Christian divisions and promoting acceptance of these relationships within Northern Ireland society"

Links on Housing

  • The Melting Pot

    How the territorial Northern Ireland has been impacted upon by immigration. The Economist, March 2013.

  • Shared Future Housing
  • The NIHE Shared Neighbourhood Programme. The central purpose of this programme is to develop neighbourhoods where people choose to live with others regardless of their religion or race, in a neighbourhood that is safe and welcoming to all, and threatening to no-one.

  • Call to tackle Northern Ireland segregation with mixed housing estates

    A challenging report by the Independent Commission on the Future for Housing in Northern Ireland calls for a 10-year strategy to end the religious ghettoisation of housing that was perpetuated by the Troubles. Belfast Telegraph, May 2010

  • Property Crash Opens a door

    How the housing property crash has impacted on the development of mixed housing in Northern Ireland. The Guardian, February 2009.

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We have compiled a resource of links to website information on mixed marriage and related topics. These include:

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